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The work of Clint Eastwood

The work of Clint Eastwood

Films as Actor:

Francis in the Navy (Lubin) (as Jonesy); Revenge of the Creature (Arnold) (as technician); Lady Godiva (Lubin) (as Saxon); Tarantula (Arnold) (as Air Force pilot)

Never Say Goodbye (Jerry Hopper) (as lab assistant); The First Traveling Saleslady (Lubin) (as Jack Rice); Star in the Dust (Haas) (bit role)

Escapade in Japan (Lubin) (as Dumbo); Ambush at Cimarron Pass (Copeland) (as Keith Williams); Lafayette Escadrille ( Hell Bent for Glory ) (Wellman) (as George Moseley)

A Fistful of Dollars ( Per un pugno di dollari ) (Leone) (as The Stranger)

For a Few Dollars More ( Per qualche dollari in piu ) (Leone) (as The Stranger); "Civic Sense" ep. of Le streghe ( The Witches ) (Visconti, Pasolini, Bolognini, Rossi, and de Sica) (as husband)

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo ( The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ) (Leone) (as Joe)

Hang 'em High (Post) (as Jed Cooper)

Coogan's Bluff (Siegel) (as Walt Coogan)

Paint Your Wagon (Logan) (as Pardner)

Kelly's Heroes (Hutton) (as Kelly); Two Mules for Sister Sara (Siegel) (as Hogan)

The Beguiled (Siegel) (as John McBurney); Dirty Harry (Siegel) (as Harry Callahan)

Joe Kidd (John Sturges) (title role)

Magnum Force (Post) (as Harry Callahan)

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (Cimino) (as John "Thunderbolt" Doherty)

The Enforcer (Fargo) (as Harry Callahan)

Every Which Way but Loose (Fargo) (as Philo Beddoe)

Escape from Alcatraz (Siegel) (as Frank Morris)

Any Which Way You Can (Van Horn) (as Philo Beddoe)

Tightrope (Tuggle) (as Wes Block, + co-pr); City Heat (Benjamin)

The Dead Pool (Van Horn) (as Harry Callahan)

Pink Cadillac (Van Horn) (as Tommy Mowak)

In the Line of Fire (Petersen) (as Frank Horrigan)

Don't Pave Main Street: Carmel's Heritage (Cartwright and Ludwig—doc) (as narrator)

Casper (Silberling) (uncredited cameo)

Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick (Robinson) (as himself)

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries (uncredited; as John "Thunderbolt" Daugherty)

Films as Director:

Play Misty for Me (+ ro as Dave Garland)

High Plains Drifter (+ ro as the stranger); Breezy

The Eiger Sanction (+ ro as Jonathan Hemlock)

The Outlaw Josey Wales (+ title role)

The Gauntlet (+ ro as Ben Shockley)

Bronco Billy (+ ro as Bronco Billy McCoy)

Honkytonk Man (+ pr, ro as Red); Firefox (+ pr, ro as Mitchell Gant)

Sudden Impact (+ pr, ro as Harry Callahan)

Pale Rider (+ pr, ro as Preacher)

Heartbreak Ridge (+ pr, ro as Tom Highway)

Bird (+ pr)

White Hunter, Black Heart (+ pr, ro as John Wilson); The Rookie (+ ro as Nick Pulovski)

Unforgiven (+ pr, ro as William Munny)

A Perfect World (+ pr, ro as Red Garnett)

The Bridges of Madison County (+ pr, ro as Robert Kincaid)

Absolute Power (pr, + ro as Luther Whitney); Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (+ pr)

True Crime (+ro as Steve Everett)

Space Cowboys (+ ro as Dr. Frank Corvin)

Other Films:

Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser (Zwerin—doc) (exec pr)

The Stars Fell on Henrietta (Keach) (pr)

Unforgiven Reviews

Retired gunslinger William Munny (Clint Eastwood) reluctantly takes one last job -- and even more reluctantly accepts a boastful youth (Jaimz Woolvett) as a partner. Together, they learn how easily complicated truths are distorted into simplistic myths about the Old West. Gene Hackman (who won an Oscar) and Richard Harris stand out as old foes who have an unhappy reunion. The film also earned Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director (Eastwood).

Unforgiven Trailer

Movie Review: Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter

Movie Review: Clint Eastwood's Oscar was the month of February to Beyond My ménage. This film has been: an appointed Because each night for 28 nights. Rather than being posted daily, reviews of each film will be stable filter in the coming weeks. And because I have much more than that I'd like to write about cinema, and so I can have enough time to process the content of each film and reflections on ICT and the global list after viewing the message. I know, I know! E 'in May and still have not got all theses published reviews. I'm doing my best. February 26 was chosen for the display of "From now on," This movie was horrible Ponders The existence of an afterlife.

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Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has directed four films in less than three years. Gran Torino, which he both directed and stars is a sign that he might want to slow down. A random mix of songs from Boyz n the Hood, as good as it gets, Grumpy Old Men, and Crash, as well as robust TORINO charisma of Eastwood is on hold, and this alone is not enough to run the movie.

Clint Eastwood plays a veteran of the Korean War driving style is not difficult to see how changes in his neighborhood of Detroit Gran Torino.
Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, an embittered, self-employed older widows who fought in the Korean War and just tolerated the Hmong families in his neighborhood of Detroit working-class families. "Barbarians! Walt growled, when he named his new neighbors (and decompress the voice Eastwood's fun to new levels of gravel in this role) watches.

Walt is not only racist, but: There is an equal opportunity hater with such contempt for his son's well-intentioned (Brian Haley), his great-grandson (Dreama Walker) and even the village priest (Christopher Carley), Walt dismisses as " a virgin of 27 years which is in the hands of old ladies who are superstitious, and promise to keep them forever. "In addition to Walt, Archie Bunker seems to be a cheerleader for the President-elect Barack Obama.

But first, a caustic comedy TORINO, Walt reluctantly goes wrong gear is molesting a mentor is unlikely Thao (Bee Vang), a sensitive boy from the local Hmong gang. Nick Schenk accessories a clumsy script after another, Stand Up for Walt to look as it passes through a dictionary of epithets that would have been ridiculous racial and ethnic diversity. The film ultimately calls for tolerance and understanding, but not particularly convincing.

TURIN The title is a new model-off-the-line in 1972 that Walt was raised in his garage. For him, it is not only a beautiful machine, but a symbol of simpler, happier times it seems, the good old days before political correctness took up his position became obsolete. Walt is a potentially fascinating character and, sometimes, He has the chance to look behind the rights eroded, Shell offers expertise, particularly in his scenes with subtle Thao's sister, Sue (Her Ahney).

Too often, however TORINO decide the execution of opera-the-mill, which is both written and performed by a very clumsy amateur support team. There is a great story in the relationship between Sue and Walt, Eastwood and Schenk lose sight of the road. The last half hour of Turin is reminiscent of a third class presents Charles Bronson movie instead of a first class Eastwood.

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The Outlaw Josey Wales Theatrical Trailer
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